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Capacity Building Workshops: Urban GBV Prevention and Response


Learnings from a series of in-country workshops conducted in 2017

In 2017, the Women’s Refugee Commission co-coordinated and facilitated four workshops that brought together local humanitarian and non-humanitarian actors — who have a role in mitigating GBV for urban refugees — to share new tools, strategies, case studies, and positive practices for urban GBV prevention. These workshops took place in Quito, Delhi, Beirut, and Kampala, focusing on urban GBV risks, urban GBV prevention and response strategies, and on actively building linkages between humanitarians and non-humanitarian actors to this end.

The primary goals of these workshops were twofold:

  1. Share new tools,strategies, case studies, and positive practices for urban GBV prevention and response, based on experiences from different cities.
  2. Discuss relevance to the respective context of each individual workshop; facilitate dialogue and information sharing across diverse stakeholders.

An overview of the content, learning and recommendations emerging from these workshops can be found in this executive summary report.

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