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Female Genital Mutilation in Humanitarian Settings in the Arab Region: Gaps and Priorities for Prevention and Response Programming Synthesis Report


Female genital mutilation (FGM) is con­sidered a human rights violation. The Arab region is home to 50 million cases of FGM, accounting for a quarter of global cases. In the region, there is lack of evidence on the impact of humanitarian crises, in par­ticular the effects of conflict and forced displacement on rates and drivers of FGM. Several of the countries in the Arab region with high rates of FGM are fragile, affected by crisis or host large internally displaced populations. This report, produced by the United Nations Population Fund Arab States Regional Office and the Women’s Refugee Commission, synthesizes learnings from a scoping review and participatory discus­sions with experts and practitioners from Egypt, Sudan, and Yemen working on FGM across the humanitarian–development nexus. The three study sites were selected because they are either crisis-affected or host sizable displaced populations where FGM occurs.

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