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Matrix on Agency Roles and Responsibilites for Ensuring a Coordinated, Multi-Sectoral Fuel Strategy in Humanitarian Settings (2009)


The collection, supply and/or use of firewood and alternative energy – and consequences thereof, such as rape, murder, environmental degradation and indoor air pollution leading to respiratory infections – is a multi-sectoral issue which cannot be effectively addressed by a singularly-mandated agency or cluster acting alone.

This Matrix is targeted to field-based actors from a range of response sectors: camp coordination/camp management; emergency shelter; environment/natural resource management; food/nutrition; health; information/education/communication; livelihoods/development/food security; and protection.

Its goal is to provide a practical tool for determining the priority activities that must be undertaken in the development of an effective, multi-sectoral fuel strategy, as well as the specific agencies with responsibility for ensuring that these activities are indeed undertaken and those agencies with additional relevant expertise on the topic. Advocacy by all involved is key to creating an enabling environment in which these activities can occur.

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