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Ms. Magazine: On World Refugee Day, 110 Million People Must Leave Home to Flee Conflict and Persecution

Tuesday, June 20, we celebrate World Refugee Day—honoring the strength and bravery of those who have been forced to flee their homes. This day grows with significance every year, as the number of people forced to flee conflict and persecution has reached a historic high of 110 million, with an additional 306 million in need of humanitarian assistance and protection. These numbers are a stark reminder that compounded crises—including conflict, climate and COVID-19—are driving unprecedented levels of human suffering, economic vulnerability and forced displacement.

With the 2023 theme of World Refugee Day, “Hope away from home,” we must question whether we, as humanitarians, are effectively using our resources to create an environment for refugees to become self-sufficient. Today, we are called to question our approaches to addressing the extremes of the displacement crisis and our accountability to its affected populations. Our answers are more critical than ever, as needs soar and funding gaps widen.

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