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"Core Actions for Refugee Youth" Booklet

UNHCR and the WRC undertook the Global Refugee Youth Consultations (GRYC) to amplify youth “voices” in decisions that affect them and their communities. The GRYC included 1,482 young people who participated in 65 national or local consultations held in 23 countries between October 2015 and June 2016. The GRYC were the beginning of a process—a process that must continue to develop the leadership, capacity, and futures of refugee youth everywhere. Adoption and use of the seven Core Actions for Refugee Youth is the first step towards achieving this.



Raising their voices, refugee youth came together and shared their priorities and possible solutions. This reference lays out the most common challenges refugee youth identified and the framework they developed to address those challenges.The Core Actions for Refugee Youth are an integrated framework that highlight how by working with them—as partners and as leaders—solutions can be advanced.

Ten Challenges Identified by GRYC participants 

  • Difficulties with legal recognition and obtaining personal documents
  • Difficulty in accessing quality learning, education, and skills-building opportunities
  • Discrimination, racism, xenophobia, and "culture clash"
  • Few youth employment and livelihood opportunities
  • Gender inequality, discrimination, exploitation, and violence, including for LGBTI youth
  • Poor access to youth-sensitive healthcare, including psychosocial support
  • Lack of safety, security, and freedom of movement
  • Challenges for unaccompanied youth
  • Lack of opportunities to participate, be engaged, or access decision makers
  • Lack of information about asylum, refugee rights, and available services


Seven Core Actions for Refugee Youth

  • Core Action 1: Empower Refugee Youth through meaningful engagement
  • Core Action 2: Recognize, utilise, and develop Refugee Youth capacities and skills
  • Core Action 3: Ensure Refugee Youth-focused protection
  • Core Action 4: Support Refugee Youth physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Core Action 5: Facilitate Refugee Youth networking and information sharing
  • Core Action 6: Reinforce Refugee Youth as connectors and peace builders
  • Core Action 7: Generate data and evidence of Refugee Youth to promote accountability to youth


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