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  • Reports on Children and Youth

    Reports on Children and Youth

    Children and Youth

    Our youth program works to ensure that displaced children and youth have opportunities to learn and grow so they can contribute to their communities and be able to one day support themselves and their own families.

    Cash and Child Protection thumbnail

    Cash and Child Protection

    This paper examines the links between cash transfers and the positive and negative outcomes for children – in particular, the role cash transfers have played in protecting children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. The paper’s aim is to identify ways in which cash transfer activities could be designed to support the protection of children affected by emergencies.  There is encouraging evidence of the positive impact of cash transfers on children from education, health, poverty and HIV and AIDS programs in developing countries. Many child protection concerns are brought about by poverty and a lack of resources, and this situation is exacerbated in chronic emergency and fragile state contexts. Therefore, cash injections should be a valuable tool for preventing and responding to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence against children. Staff in all sectors should remain mindful of the potential risks to children from cash transfers, and put in place mechanisms to protect them from harm.
    Child Safeguarding in Cash Transfer Programming thumbnail

    Child Safeguarding in Cash Transfer Programming

    This tool enables humanitarian actors to make cash transfer programming more accountable to children, by giving guidance on how to prevent and respond to child protection incidents more effectively.  With the goals of mitigating the increased risks of cash transfers for beneficiaries, the tool covers the full program cycle from preparation, planning, implementation, and monitoring.
    In Search of Safety and Solutions thumbnail

    In Search of Safety and Solutions

    Somali Refugee Adolescent Girls at Sheder and Aw Barre Camps

    Thousands of Somali refugee adolescent girls ages 10 to 16 are living in refugee camps in Ethiopia. This report details their protection and empowerment needs and priorities; programs and community-based strategies that serve them; and gaps in services from girls’ perspectives.

    INEE Guidance Notes on Teacher Compensation thumbnail

    INEE Guidance Notes on Teacher Compensation

    These Guidance Notes address a critical challenge to quality education and provide a suggested framework for compensating teachers. Intended for education authorities and staff within UN agencies, teachers unions, community-based organizations, NGOs and donors.
    Also available: Teacher Compensation User's Guide and Feedback form

    Refugee Girls: The Invisible Faces of War thumbnail

    Refugee Girls: The Invisible Faces of War

    The untold story of the millions of refugee girls whose voices are almost never heard. This is the result of a multi-year project dedicated to late executive director Mary Diaz.

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