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Sandra Sennett Tully

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Sandra Tully’s career in international relief and development spanned over thirty years from Peace Corps staffer to CARE International’s representative at the United Nations.  For fifteen of those years, she was a member of the senior staff of CARE USA and CARE International and served as Secretary of both organizations’ boards.  Earlier in her career Mrs. Tully was a UNHCR program officer and deputy director of the Aspen Institute Middle East Program and worked in the U.S. and abroad for a number of international, non-governmental and education organizations including the African-American Institute, Save the Children, UNICEF, the UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia and the State University of New York.  She has also consulted on international humanitarian assistance and protection of refugee women and children, as well as on non-profit governance and strategic planning.  Mrs. Tully was a commissioner for the Women’s Refugee Commission prior to becoming a board member in 2012, and served on two WRC delegations, the first in 1995 assessing the protection of Rwandan and Burundian refugees in Tanzania and the second the following year examining the reintegration of war-affected displaced and repatriating refugees in Angola.  She is a founding member of the CARE Women’s Initiative and the CARE Action Network, volunteer organizations advocating on behalf of the global poor, an Emeritus Director of the Board of Refugees International and a member of the Women’s Foreign Policy Group.  She is a graduate of American University and a Salzburg Fellow.