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    Maria Hancock

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    Maria is an angel investor and has two decades of experience in technology, risk management, and asset management. She is a member of the New York Angels and an advisor to WeBuust, a company based in Finland that provides services for start-ups.  Most recently she was a mentor at the Barclays Techstars Fintech accelerator and a member of GoldenSeeds, an angel investor network focused on female-led companies.

    In her last corporate position, Maria was the Head of Retirement Solutions Americas at Deutsche Bank where she led the development of innovative retail investments products leveraging technology and quantitative methodologies.   Prior to Deutsche Bank, she co-founded RiskEdge, a consulting company to provide risk management advisory to financial institutions.  Before this, she worked at Duff Capital Advisors, a multistrategy hedge fund, creating client-centric investment solutions. Maria held previous positions at AIG, J.P. Morgan, and Dresdner Bank.  She was an early employee of a Fintech start-up - Askari Risk Management Solutions - that got acquired by State Street Bank and a managing partner of Ekkono GmbH, a technology start-up focused on peer-to-peer and encrypted collaboration solutions.   

    Maria has a Ph. D. in theoretical nuclear physics from the Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.