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Catherine Harrington

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Catherine Harrington is Associate Director for the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights, a coalition of UN agencies, international, regional and local NGOs, academics and civil society partners, housed within the Women's Refugee Commission.

She previously worked at Women's Learning Partnership (WLP), where she was the Senior Program Officer for Advocacy and Communications. WLP is a partnership of women's and human rights organizations, which advances women's leadership and political participation, and advocates for women's human rights, including nationality rights. Catherine has also been a research assistant at the Center on International Cooperation and an editorial assistant for Foreign Affairs at the Council on Foreign Affairs. She has co-produced two films – one on the backlash against women's rights post-Arab Spring, Because Our Cause Is Just, and a documentary on combating gender-based violence, From Fear to Freedom. She has presented at the SXSW gathering in Austin on the panel, "Women Drive Change: Tech in the Global South," and has facilitated sessions on advocacy and political participation for human rights activists in Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria and Turkey.

Catherine holds a Master of Science in Global Affairs from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Tulane University.